PackageDescription: ObservedUserInterface - examples II

Observed User Interface - examples II

Last published: June 27, 2007 by 'ardent'

Defines 9 Classes
Extends 9 Classes

Take a look at and understand the methods in NameApp, PhoneApp and AddressApp,
along with their corresponding models, Name, Phonenumber, Address.

Look at FullCustomer model class, and peruse the sample customers created on the class side.

FullCustomerListApp, and ChooseCustomerPlusApp.

The most helpful concept to grasp is application reuseabilty.
Look at #createInterface in ChooseCustomerPlusApp. The two code pieces:
NameApp in: customerListApp aspect: #name.
PhoneApp in: customerListApp aspect: #phone.
AddressApp in: customerListApp aspect: #address.

is all that is needed to reuse the applications in a simple and useful way - and this concept IS scaleable
I've used this concept in ValueInterface extensively in large production software.

Copy these examples to a workspace, highlight and "doit"

NameApp open
(NameApp value: (FullCustomer samples first name)) open

PhoneApp open "type in a phone number. Note how it autotabs after three digits are added"
(PhoneApp value: (FullCustomer samples first phone)) open

AddressApp open
(AddressApp value: (FullCustomer samples first address)) open

FullCustomerListApp open

ChooseCustomerPlusApp open