PackageDescription: ObjectiveCRuntime

Objective C Runtime

Last published: February 2, 2008 by 'mlucassmith'

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ObjectiveCRuntime is a very simple interface to the objective-c runtime library. It was inspired by the ObcConnect package built by Heeg when they did the first OSX port. That package aspired to be much more than I needed, and had issues with some of its aspirations. So I harvested and simplified this very simple interface. It probably needs to grow a little. But it was simple enough for my immediate needs. I know it can do this for example:

| nsWindow window |
window := UI.ApplicationWindow allInstances detect: [:each | each controller notNil and: ['VisualWorks*' match: each label asString]].
nsWindow := window windowHandle.
ObjectiveCRuntime object: nsWindow perform: 'center'

That will place the launcher in the middle of the screen.