PackageDescription: ObjectiveC-2.0 Runtime

Objective C - 2 . 0 Runtime

Last published: May 18, 2009 by 'mlucassmith'

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ObjectiveC-2.0 Runtime is (eventually) a reasonably complete interface to Objective C on MacOSX. It is inspired by ObjectiveCRuntime and ObjCConnect. It aspires to be the next iteration of ObjCConnect, upgraded to the latest ObjectiveC concepts and interfaces. It aspires to be as simple as it can be like ObjectiveCRuntime, however it is not intended to be a very raw integer-only interface. For that, load up ObjectiveCRuntime.

You can access (and iterate through - or inspect) ObjectiveC the namespace as a namespace in to the ObjectiveC runtime environment, eg:

You can subclass ObjectiveC classes and add your own behavior and instance variables too, eg:
Root.ObjectiveC.NSObject createSubclass: 'MyTestSubclass'.
Root.ObjectiveC.MyTestSubclass addMethod: #testing types: 'i@:' block: [:instance :selector | 2 + 3].
Root.ObjectiveC.MyTestSubclass alloc testing

More work will be done over time to make the interfaces as nice and predictable as possible. Right now, RuntimeInterface has the full ObjectiveC 2.0 Runtime API defined and work is being done to make NSObject behave as a natural Smalltalk object.

Watch this space.