PackageDescription: ObjectExplorerAppl

Object Explorer Appl

Last published: May 18, 2005 by 'ballard'

Defines 22 Classes
Extends 22 Classes

The ObjectExplorer graphical object inspection utility, originally written by Kent Beck.

This package hold the new classes to support ObjectExplorer.

The initial version of these packages:


is a factorization of the ObjectExplorer package, version 1.5, in the Public Repository with the following version information:

--- Blessed: Development
--- By: cmontei
--- On: 04/27/2005 7:13:49.000
An attempt to make OE compatible with VW 7.3 :

1. Removed inappropriate override in ParagraphEditor.
2. Provided more complete access in Trippy to "Explore it".
3. Provided access in PDP to "Explore it"