PackageDescription: OCIT-SunitExtensions(Bundle)

OCIT - Sunit Extensions

Last published: April 1, 2003 by 'niallr'

This bundle housed extensions to the Sunit testing framework, both to support integration with the StarBrowser and to allow launching the test runner on subsets of all the tests in the image. Niall Ross moved its single contained package to the OCIT-StarBrowserExtensions bundle. This bundle is now therefore obsolete (at least until a new partition of packages becomes necessary).

Version 1.0 was written by Charles A. Monteiro ( It made (this bundle's) test runner available as an alternative editor service in the Star Browser when a single Testcase class was selected. Its test runner could also be launched on a single test case or a test suite outside the Star Browser

Version 1.1 was written by Niall Ross ( It makes this test runner (renamed TestSuiteRunner for distinction) an alternative edttor for TestSuites and TestCases in the Star Browser as well as Testcase classes, and TestSuiteRunner can also be launched on these outside the Star Browser. It also develops TestSuiteRunner's behaviour to begin to assimilate it to that of SUnitBrowser:

- the running colour is blue; one or more errored tests result in colour red; one or more assertion-failing tests with no errors show yellow

- individual test cases can be seen, selected and run