PackageDescription: OCIT-StarBrowserExtensions(Bundle)

OCIT - Star Browser Extensions

Last published: July 15, 2004 by 'niallr'

This bundle houses extensions to the StarBrowser. For more info on the StarBrowser go to:

Version 1.0 was written by Charles A. Monteiro ( It added an Sunit Item Editor which allowed one to integrate into the StarBrowser different sets of TestCases as nodes in the StarBrowser tree. It changed the "browserIcon" for classes of type TestCase for visual differentiation purposes.

- In the StarBrowser, drag and drop either an abstract test case i.e. such as "TestCase" or select a specific subclass of TestCase. If the subclass of TestCase is also an abstract class as determined by the class side method then the Sunit Item Editor will build a test suite consisting of all the subclasses of the abstract class in question. If a specific non-abstract test class is picked then only a test suite for that class will be built.

- Upon selecting the node representing the test class in question and given that the #editor service under the Service menu item on the StarBrowser is specified to be #ItemSunitEditor then the TestRunner will display itself on the main canvas to the left of the StarBrowser tree.

Version 1.1 was written by Niall Ross ( It fixed a minor incompatibility between the latest Star Browser release (1.111) and these extensions. It also added TestSuites and TestCases to the above. Add one to the StarBrowser''s classifications tree by doing Add > Object.... and pasting your prepared code, e.g

(TestSuite named: 'formatted tests')
addTest: (SUnitTest selector: #testDebugUI);
addTest: (SUnitTest selector: #testFailureDebugUI);
(TestSuite named: 'RBTests') addTests:
(((Store.Registry packageNamed: 'RBTests') allDefinedClasses
select: [:each | each isKindOf: TestCase class])
collect: [:each | each buildSuite])

Choose the SUnit editor service, to see the Sunit Item Editor on it. TestSuites expand to show their contents in the Star Browser. (Also, TestCase class abstraction now uses the standard mechanism, not a replicate.)

This is work in progress; I want to assimilate VW''s default testing tools to the functionaility of SUnitBrowser and am considering how the Star Browser may help in this. It has no known bugs in this version but is only a partial solution as yet.

The OCIT-SUnitExtensions and Environment packages are now a content of this, not a dependency.

Version 1.2 was written by Niall Ross. It adds classes ObjectAsClassificationWrapper and WrappedClassification. I am not yet sure which is the better way of wrapping collection-encapsulating; see their class comments for details. Look at TestSuite>>asItem to switch from one to the other. Tests are included. All tests pass on the present configuration; #testAddItem does not pass if you switch TestSuite>>asItem to use ObjectAsClassificationWrapper as it does not (yet) support adding.