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Nu Initiate

Last published: October 15, 2002 by 'tgriggs'

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This (small) package exists (currently) as an experiment. It is based on the premise that having to implement the new/initialize pattern repeatedly in object heirarchies is difficult for beginners to approach (confronts them heavily with the class/instance thing very early) and furthermore is something that even seasoned Smalltalkers would avoid if they could.

The goal here is to use two different (but similiar) method names to create a universal pattern of object creation. With this package loaded, all objects respond to the 'nu' method. When you send 'nu' to a class object, you will get the result of sending basicNew to the class reciever and then sending 'initiate' to the object. If you are creating a new object type (subclass), then all you have to provide is an initiate method.

This work was inspired by Stephane Ducasse