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Notes Keeper

Last published: February 22, 2008 by 'dwalle5'

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This is a Glorp demo project. With it, you can keep your notes in a multi-user database, indexed by keywords in the note. Search your notes using words that might be found in the desired note. The notes and keywords are encrypted for privacy using AES. The note titles are not encyrpted.

With the GUI, you can:
* connect to a database and choose to have the tables to be created automatically.
* add your own NotesKeeper user name, which serves to identify the notes added by you.
* define your own 'reminder phrase' which is hashed via MD5 into a 16-byte AES cipher key.
* Make a new note and save it. The contents and keywords are encrypted and saved.
* Search your notes based on key words.
* Edit and save a note.
* Delete a note.

How to use this program if you don't want to use the GUI:
Step 1. Hand edit NotesKeeperApp (class) defaultLogin.
Step 2. Hand edit NotesKeeperApp (class) defaultUser.
(The 'user' is not an actual db-user--you can keep it as John Doe if you want.)
Step 3. Evaluate:
NotesKeeper.NotesKeeperApp createTables.
Step 4. Run the examples in NotesKeeperApp, to add sample data and search it.
Step 5. To remove tables, evaluate:
NotesKeeper.NotesKeeperApp dropTables