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Noaa Data Parser

Last published: July 24, 2007 by 'michael'

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An incredibly crude data averager of mean temperatures from the noaa website

Download and v2.mean.Z (unzip this one).

Noaa.Parser parse

This will parse in the background, so you can explore the data as it parses - it takes about half a minute to run.

This package creates a 13 month array for each year of each station of each country. The thirteenth month is the average of the temperatures that we have data for. Note to get celcius from these values, you must divide by 10.

The data is then grouped by country from the stations, then by planet from the countries.

To see the average mean temperature rise since 1880 until 2006, click on 'years' in Parser and choose 'select all'. Resize your inspector so you don't get any lines wrapping - then look at the last column (the 13th month).

Because it is an average of means, it is a very crude model with significant error - but it at least shows an upward trend that might help convince some doubters that the scientists reports aren't complete bollocks.

Noaa.Parser parse