PackageDescription: NextDataSet

Next Data Set

Last published: April 3, 2016 by 'mmostert'

Defines 33 Classes
Extends 48 Classes

Next DataSet Modifies and subclasses DataSetView to take account of:

1) Editable TreeView column
2) Drag & Drop (adds source)
3) Date dropdown chooser
4) Custimizable Combobox (DialogBox), whci you can use a seperate model and a painted windowspec within the combobox.

You might want to modify the selection background.
You can find it here: NextDataSetView >> displayVisualsOn:
If you want to modify the row selector you can do that here: NextRowVisualComposite >>rowSelectorVisual

DemoNextDSV open

If you use the TreeView column you will need to subclass elements from AssociationSortedTreeWithParent
which adds tree ordering and redefines basic comparing of the elements like < and >=.
This is done to allow you to drag and drop (reorder) elements within a the TreeView.
If you define from AssociationTreeWithParent the basic ordering will be done from the Association key.

AssociationSortedTreeWithParent holds its children on SortedCollections based on a 1.2.6 < 1.3 type ordering.
For the moment all related with ordering is done outside the widget, later on it would be nice to integrate all within.

There is a Demo Application that still needs to be finished DemoNextDSV