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Network Interface

Last published: October 26, 2009 by 'tgriggs'

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NetworkInterface is a generic multiple connection supporting interface to the image. It packetizes on telnet crlfs. In other words, everytime you hit the return button, its going to evaluate what you just typed. It always reponds with either OK followed by the print form of the resulting object or ER followed by an Exception error string. It evaluates everything in its own namespace. By default it is just an empty namespace which imports Smalltalk. But you could change the imports, and add initial variables.

Here's an example of a little server whose primary purpose is to provide access to the VisualLauncher window. It opens an inspector on the Server so you can shut it down when you're done playing.

| server |
server := NetworkInterface.Server newOn: 8000.
server localAt: 'launcher' put: VisualLauncher allInstances first.
server start.
server inspect

After that, open a telnet session pointed at localhost:8000. And have some with your launcher. Here's some examples:

Smalltalk size
Screen default ringBell
launcher class
launcher builder window displayBox: (Screen default bounds insetBy: 100)