PackageDescription: MySQLEXDI


Last published: March 1, 2009 by 'dwallen'

Defines 18 Classes
Extends 26 Classes

Provides the External database interface (EXDI) code to use MySQL relational databases. After loading this package, you can store and retrieve data using your own Smalltalk programs. Also, this package enables the Ad Hoc SQL tool on the Database menu of the Launcher window. This interactive tool allows you to run simple text-based queries to verify your database connection and explore your data.

Further information on the EXDI can be found in the "Database Application Developer''s Guide" (located in the /doc subdirectory of the VisualWorks installation).

The following are required for VisualWorks to directly connect to a MySQL database server:

This package (MySQLEXDI) must be loaded.
MySQL client library (DLL) installed properly on your computer.
A hardware network connection to a working MySQL database server.
A valid user name and password to access the database server.