PackageDescription: MultiCompletionDriver

Multi Completion Driver

Last published: January 21, 2009 by 'mkobetic'

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Extends the base CompletionDriver with the ability to auto-complete multiple entries on a single input line. The entries are separated by specified separators.

The usual way to set up the driver is doing something like this in a postBuildWith: on an application model:

MultiCompletionDriver new
separators: ',;';
widget: (self widgetAt: widgetID);
choicesHolder: choices asValue

For example:

builder := UIBuilder new
add: ((WindowSpec label: 'Test') min: 300@30; yourself);
add: (InputFieldSpec named: #input layout: (LayoutFrame new rightFraction: 1; bottomFraction: 1));
on: (builder componentAt: #input) widget
choices: #(one two three four)