PackageDescription: MouseWheelX11

Mouse Wheel X 1 1

Last published: December 27, 2002 by 'reinz'

Defines 2 Classes
Extends 3 Classes

On Linux installations mousewheel events are mapped to mousebuttons 4 and 5.
This parcel adds code that intercepts these button events and translates them into MouseWheelEvents.

the decision to do translation is overly broad, this could hamper the use of buttons>3 on X11 installations that are not Linux/XFree based. Use the following code snippets to to tweak the image's behavior:

To disable this parcel's code entirely evaluate:
InputState beMouseWheelX11Aware: false.

To supsend translation until next image startup evaluate:
InputState doMouseWheelX11Translation: false.

Reinout Heeck