PackageDescription: Method Filter Extensions

Method Filter Extensions

Last published: December 30, 2005 by 'shldnn'

Defines 7 Classes
Extends 12 Classes

This package adds several new subclasses to the MethodFilter
hierarchy. Each class has examples on the class side, so
have fun playing.

MethodPatternFilter: use pattern matching to search for methods
containing a string or symbol
MethodPatternImplementor: search for methods whose selector
matches a given pattern
MethodSourceFilter: search for methods whose source code
contains a given string
PseudoVariableFilter: search for references to pseudovariables
PundleFilter: limit the search to methods in the given pundle
PureSenderFilter: search for actual sends, rather than just symbol
references which may or may not be sends
MethodByteFilter: an abstract class for searching for bytecodes