PackageDescription: MemoryMonitor-runHeadless

Memory Monitor -run Headless

Last published: May 26, 2012 by 'valloud'

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This parcel is meant as an aid in getting logs from an application that does not have the development environment in it. In order to produce logs headlessly with the MemoryMonitor, you still need to tell the MemoryMonitor class to start running headless after loading the MemoryMonitor parcel. Loading this parcel as well has that effect. Note, though, that there is currently no way to stop the logging because it is assumed the application image will be stopped after the information is collected. If you need to start and stop the logging, trace the post load action in this parcel and see how the headless instance is created. Remember the object somewhere, and when you are done send it the message #terminateMonitoringActivities. Note that, since taking this approach seems to imply some access to the development environment, you can probably more tightly integrate the headless logging functionality into your application instead of using this parcel.