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Magic Keys

Last published: May 10, 2013 by 'niallr'

Defines 9 Classes
Extends 14 Classes

SCG MagicKeys: the VisualWorks Goodie for graphically viewing and changing keyboard shortcuts.

SCG Magic Keys was written by Roel Wuyts. Niall Ross modified it to initialize and reset from the current feel setting, only making MagicKeys the feel setting if the user applies fresh keybindings.

Click the edit button to open up the keybindings editor. The contextual menus in the keybindings pane let you add, remove and edit keybindings; the dialogs should be self-explanatory. :-) The buttons below it let you manage your keybinding sets:
- Apply: applies your choices to your image by
* making MagicKeys the current feel setting if not already
* storing the displayed keybindings in the current MagicKeys feel policy instance
* appling this feel policy to all existing windows
- OK: applies as above, then closes the window.
- Cancel: close the window, leave the current UI feel policy unchanged.
- Reset: resets the bindings to those of the current UI feel policy.
- Interrupt: choose the interrupt key
- Export and Import: sets of keybindings can be stored in and recovered from files

Post comments and bug reports to the VWNC list ( or the VWDEV list for the attention of Niall Ross or Roel Wuyts.