PackageDescription: MacOSXApplicationCommandLine

Mac OSX Application Command Line

Last published: February 28, 2009 by 'tgriggs'

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Adds the ability to read a commandline pattern for a deployed .app Application Bundle under OSX.


Place the command line string in a 'commandline' file next to your in the directory. This code must be saved into the image, it cannot be loaded at startup time. With it loaded though, you can then place parcels and fileins in your Resources directory which can then be loaded via documented -pcl, -filein, -doit, etc. options.


When OSX "launches" your app, the only thing that will show up in your 'CEnvironment commandLine' (which is used to invoke various CommandLineInterest options such as those listed above) is the VM and -psn_#_####### argument that is related to the process ID, or something like that. In the event this pattern is not matched, it simply reverts to the original implementation. It should be safe to use on any platform.