PackageDescription: MQInterface(Bundle)

MQ Interface

Last published: September 23, 2005 by 'seanw'

This is the new MQ-Interface for AMD.
Look into package 'MQ-InterfaceDiagrams' for the ADvance-Diagram in subject class 'MQDiagrams'.

Version History:
0.1 - first cut, copied DLLCC classes with a still unrelated domain above in a new namespace MQ
0.2 - more classes, first connections between external interfaces and QueueManager classes,
ADvance and DLLCC are now prerequisites of this bundle
0.3 - first config that ran a test succesfull, tests are in package MQTests 0.1,
recompiling of externalMethods in MQ-XIF put into postLoad action block
0.4 - remote clients connects successfull, even with host/port specification, MQTests 0.2
0.5 - remote queues can be opened and closed
0.6 - minor comment fixes
0.7 - queueManagers now release their sender/receiver queues when disconnected, MQTests 0.6
0.8 - queues now can put and get messages, successfully tested with MQTests 0.7
0.9 - updated ADvance diagram, tested with MQTests 0.8
0.10 - get message now returns an instance of the class corresponding to the message type just received, not tested
0.11 - refactored error classes under a main superclass
0.12 - fixed things up for send-receive scenarios using requests, reports, replys, and arbitrary message types
0.13 - started work on message options support in ReceiverQueue (wait, match)
0.14 -
0.15 - optimized external interface classes (optimizationLevel: #full)
0.16 - added MsgID/CorrelID/GroupID binary access in MQMessage, added matching support in ReceiverQueue,
added autoMsgID/CorrelID mode in SenderQueue, refactored syncpoint switching in Sender/ReceiverQueue
0.17 - more comments, updated diagram, fixed prerequisites (now usefull for parceling)
0.21 - added a new DefaultActionDecorator, which combines some data with an action into the of the messages data field
0.22 - added createReply/createReport: to ActionMessage, ensures copying of necessary parameters over to the Reply/Report
0.23 - updated comments, fixed diagram
0.24 - fixed report tests, changed MQCNO setup
0.25 - fixed MQOD setup
0.26 - better struct initialization in AbstractMQInterface
0.27 - fixed MQ*struct initit Strings to be able to remove redundant initializations, stripped redundant initialization of MQ* structs
0.28 - moved class MQDiagrams into separate package 'MQ-InterfaceDiagrams', fixed prerquisites
0.29 - When sending a messge the sender queue checks if the put options match the parameter in the message and adapt the put
options to the message parameter. DefaultActionDecorator redone
0.30 - renamed MessageActionDecorator to ActionDecorator
- added DefaultDataDecorator and set this to be the default ActionDecoratorClass
- DefaultDataDecorator ignores any action/action: messages
0.31 - added expiry access to MQMessage
0.32 - fixed comments, fixed SenderQueue>put:
0.33 - cleaned up some CodeCritic complaints
0.34 - moved class MessageHandler over to package AMD-MessageHandler
0.36 - MQ-Domain: Added support for manually setting the receiver queue fro a request or asynchronous message.
0.37 - added actionDecorator accessors in ActionMessage
1.0 - fixed comments, first version to travel to AMD
1.1 - first time published as defined at
1.2 - added replacement for #trimWhiteSpace, called it #trimMQTrailer
1.3 - MQ-XIF now works on Linux and HP (Windows only anticipated but not tested),
MQTests 0.28 ran remote on HP, but failed on all THAPI tests