PackageDescription: MEParagraphEditorDoubleClick

ME Paragraph Editor Double Click

Last published: March 11, 2011 by 'stevek'

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This package corrects Input Field and Text Field behaviour of double clicks and two single clicks in the same place. Previously, VW would ignore actual double click events, e.g. double-clicking at the start of an Input Field failed to select the whole contents. However, if there were two single clicks right at the start or end of the same block, or in the same word, that block or word would be selected. A block could be the whole text, a line, or a piece of text delimited by one of ( [ { < " '. Now, the block/word select happens only and always on true double-clicks, making VW programs behave like Windows programs.

Implemented and released into the public domain by, with thanks to Mikko Ohtamaa for complaining, and Ladislav Lenart for pointing out part of the solution.