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Last published: April 24, 2007 by 'michael'

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LibXSLT wrapper/language binding
Michael Lucas-Smith [] -- versions 1.0 to 1.3
Daniel Fr├ęchette [] -- version 1.4
Libxslt is an XSLT C library developed for the Gnome project. XSLT itself is a
an XML language to define transformation for XML. Libxslt is based on libxml2
the XML C library developed for the Gnome project. It also implements most
of the EXSLT set of processor-portable extensions functions and some of
Saxon's evaluate and expressions extensions.

This package does not port the full interface of Libxslt. It only supports the most
important features of the library and is based mainly on code found in the
xsltproc program (command-line utility).

For more information on Libxslt and Libxml visit
1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Memory leaks cleaned up - there are still some..
- Can now get errors out of the system
- Transformed string will now be read in using the encoding that the output of the stylesheet
1.2 - Marked the libraries as 'full' instead of 'debug' to allow people to parcel/package them out
1.3 - Removed pre-req's for WithStyle code
- Removed pre-req of DLLCC
- Row working as #full instead of #debug, ready to be deployed
1.4 - Replaced most interface calls with those used in xsltproc
- Refactered error handling
- Added comments to most methods
- Added 3 more test examples
Mac, UNIX, and Windows.
v1.4 was tested with Libxslt v1.1.3 and Libxml 2.2.6 under Windows XP. It is
probably backward compatible to Libxml 2.0.6, but not further.