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Learning Menus

Last published: April 16, 2004 by 'michael'

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19/11/02 Michael Lucas-Smith

First release. This package re-orders your menus and menu groups depending on which items you use the most. The more you use a menu item, the higher it's score gets.

Menu items only shuffle around inside of menu groups (items between ---'s) and menu groups shuffle up and down depending on how much you use them.

For popup menus things seem to be working well, but I'm not sure about menu bar menus.. which is why I'm releasing it as 'to review'.

Be warned, when you first load it, your menus may be disorderly. Once you start using them, they'll end up in the most 'used' order.

Thanks to all the contributors. Troy, Travis, James and thanks to everyone who liked the idea :)