PackageDescription: Kitsnet-RBT-Base

Kitsnet - RBT - Base

Last published: January 23, 2014 by 'jdougan'

Defines 6 Classes
Extends 6 Classes

Port of Masashi Umezawa's (mu) Remote Broadcasting Tooolkit (rbt) from Squeak.

"Using the (Remote Broadcasting Toolkit) RBT, so that you can easily write too much communication applications by UDP. I am suitable for applications such as send on a best-effort, small data of about 1k bytes. In a very small program, I can be installed immediately. I will support unicast, multicast, and broadcast communication."
RBT also supports the servers and clients living between snapshots.

While I made some attempt to minimize the changes, the socket implementations are too different to make that easy. Later I'll try to remerge my changes back into the mainline and seperate out platform stuff.