PackageDescription: KeepScrollPositionOnSave

Keep Scroll Position On Save

Last published: February 1, 2007 by 'bobw'

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Extends 2 Classes

This package changes TextEditorViews so that the scroll position is remembered. For example, if you have a large method (or package comment) that you are editing, are scrolled halfway down and accept it won't lose your scroll position.

To accomplish this, this package overrides AutoScrolling view and adds a new instance variable, scrollOffset, along with accessors. It also overrides TextEditorView>>#editText: to remember the scroll position. Because of these overrides it has the potential to be distruptive to your system. If it gives you grief, unload it (or fix it) :-)

There is freeware, do what you want with it.

Bob Westergaard, January 2007