PackageDescription: JNIPort Prerequisites(Bundle)

JNI Port Prerequisites

Last published: July 7, 2014 by 'JoachimGeidel'

This bundle contains necessary prerequisites for the JNIPort bundle.

This bundle is part of JNIPort and not intended to be used in isolation. If you want to use JNIPort, load the bundle JNIPort.

To use JNIPort, you also need the following components:
- "JNIPort Prerequisites",
- "Registry" (version 28 or later),
- "FastCMethodPointers" (version 1.1 or later),
- "WeakCollections" (version 5 or later).
Tests for JNIPort are available in "JNIPort Tests", and development tools in "JNIPort Tools".

These components are available as parcels in the "Contributed" directory of the VisualWorks distribution. Alternatively, you can load them from the Cincom Public Repository.

If you load JNIPort from a Store repository, you should configure the Store > Prerequisites settings in the VisualWorks Settings tool such that Store always loads the latest versions with blessing level "Development", and to search bundles and packages first. Some of the prerequisites are distributed with VisualWorks as parcels, e.g. the Registry parcel in the Contributed directory of the VisualWorks distribution. If you want to load these parcels instead of packages from a Store repository, set the search policy for prerequisites of type #any to "Search parcels first" in the Store > Prerequisites settings.