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Interactive Compiler Settings

Last published: November 8, 2007 by 'bobw'

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When compiling Smalltalk methods in the system interactively, i.e. accepting in a browser or doing a do-it in a Workspace, the compiler will use the InteractiveCompilerErrorHandler to warn you about any problems. There are a number of useful warnings that the InteractiveCompilerErrorHandler can tell you about. For example, a temporary variable that is declared and not referenced or a message is being sent that does not exist yet.

Sometimes, all of these helpful warnings simply get in the way.

This package overrides the InteractiveCompilerErrorHandler in such a way that allows you to turn these warnings on and off. The settings will appear in the VisualWorks settings tool. The warnings that can be turned on and off are:

Never Read
A variable has been defined, assigned a value and that value is never used.

Never Used
A variable has been defined and is never used

Read before written
A variable has been defined, and before it is assigned a value a message is sent to it.

New Message
A message is being sent that does not exist in the system

Unknown Pragma
The method being compiled has a pragma that is not defined by the class

Bob Westergaard