PackageDescription: HttpsServerStreams

Https Server Streams

Last published: February 20, 2007 by 'michael'

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This package is a Streaming HTTPS/1.1 Server and is a companion to the HttpServerStreams. This package adds in the SSL layer to allow the Servers address to start with https and set up certificates via API calls or from disk. See SecureListeningSocket for details on setting up certificates and see HttpServerStreams or HttpServerSerlvets to see how to set up a server. Simply replace the http:// URI with a https:// URI to enable an SSL server.

You may also wish to add a second handler to an existing server instance for handling SSL connections as well as regular HTTP connections. You can do this by calling:

(HttpServerStreams.Server at: (Array with: 'http://localhost' with: 'https://localhost'))


addHandlersForUrls: (Array with: 'https://localhost');