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Graphics - Images - Fixed Palettes

Last published: August 26, 2008 by 'mlucassmith'

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This package extends FixedPalette to include an Alpha channel and also maps out the commonly hardware accelerated and used palettes for 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit. This makes converting images from format to format a lot easier, as picking your desired palette is now a matter of matching the palette to the right format you desire.

The selectors are designated by Most-Significant-Bit to Least-Significant-Bit. For example, ARGB_8888 is ordered from MSB channel A (alpha) to the LSB channel B (blue). When traversing image data on *little endian* machines, the data is stored in memory from LSB to MSB, which means that the channel order in memory is from LSB (blue) to MSB (alpha).

New palettes provided:
8 bit 2/3/3: RGB_332 BGR_233
16 bit 4/4/4/4: ABGR_4444 ARGB_4444 BGRA_4444 RGBA_4444
16 bit 5/5/5: RGB_555 BGR_555
16 bit 5/6/5: RGB_565 BGR_565
16 bit 5/5/5/1: ABGR_1555 ARGB_1555 BGRA_5551 RGBA_5551
24 bit 8/8/8: RGB_888 BGR_888
32 bit 8/8/8/8: RGBA_8888 BGRA_8888 ARGB_8888 ABGR_8888
32 bit 10/10/10/2: RGBA_1010102 BGRA_1010102 ARGB_2101010 ABGR_2101010