PackageDescription: GolfPolynomDivision

Golf Polynom Division

Last published: July 12, 2007 by 'nice'

Defines 5 Classes
Extends 4 Classes

This is based on a funny game at

The goal is to solve a problem with smallest code as possible.
This is stupid because small is counted as characters.
That mean the code must be the least legible possible.

Here is a simple version that is not small (best score is 138 chars in Ruby, see
Lengthy xml output is around 10000 bytes, space included.

It could however be refactored to match required ugglyness:
- remove all comments (there are few).
- replace long explicit names with shorts un-understandable
- put all methods in a single category (if any is needed for fil out...)
- inline methods called only once
- remove the TestCase

And maybe, something more clever, find better algorithm for scanning/dividing/printing polynoms.

A factor 1 is really easy.
Class creation methods are verbose...

I don't fullfill the stdin/stdout requirement.
Easiest thing would be to compete using gnu smalltalk for that kind of game.
That's what is closest to this Ruby/Python/Perl/PHP oriented rules.

Have fun
ncellier at ifrance dot com

MIT licence