PackageDescription: GlorpVWTools

Glorp VW Tools

Last published: March 9, 2004 by 'andreis'

Defines 6 Classes
Extends 20 Classes

Few tools to support development with GLORP:
- basic inspector for proxies (instantiated and uninstantiated);
- tool to edit database table descriptors (select any "tableFor..." method in GlorpDemoDescriptorSystem and open 'Glorp Table' tab. See 'Tools-Glorp' settings page as well);
- mappings editor;
- tool to read shemas from databases;
Glorp table editor can only show the structure of a table. There is no tool to deal with mappings yet.
Schema reader work only with PostgreSQL v7.3+. I don't know how to get precision and scale for numeric type. There is no GUI for schema reader yet.
Please, feel free to fix bugs, make improvements and correct my spelling :)