PackageDescription: GlorpVWPortNonBase

Glorp VW Port Non Base

Last published: December 13, 2010 by 'aknight'

Defines 1 Classes
Extends 6 Classes

I hold Glorp VW behaviour that we do not want in the base, now that Store uses Glorp, but which conscious users of Glorp will want.
- WriteBarriers: methods to invoke them are in base Glorp but unused (and sole reference to GlorpVWWriteBarrierTracker is already indirected for portability. WebVelocity uses this.
- *EXDI overrides to switch off threading. These are performance enhancements. When you hit the DB often for small calls, as Glorp does, threading is slower. However we do not want base users to be forced into being non-threaded for these calls when they may think they are threaded.

ToDo: rewrite non-threading to be policy / Glorp-use-only, whatever.