PackageDescription: GlorpVWLauncherTool

Glorp VW Launcher Tool

Last published: November 5, 2010 by 'bpopov'

Defines 3 Classes
Extends 4 Classes

Simple VisualLauncher extension tool similar to MiniRepositoryManager to simplify Glorp testing. Loading makes the Launcher status bar (the launcher's footer) show the current target test database. Clicking on this shows a drop down list with toggles for the various testing states, and a Help for adding further logins to the menu.

N.B. the initial value of UseBindingIfSupported toggle is nil, which causes it to defer to each DatabasePlatform subclass' preferences. Menus let you set UseBindingIfSupported to false, then to toggle it between true (tickmark) and false (no tickmark), each of which overrides platform preferences, or to return to nil, the platform-preference-controlled state. Unloading this package resets UseBindingIfSupported to nil.