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Glorp - Examples - Calendar

Last published: October 10, 2013 by 'markr'

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A simple event calendar web application to illustrate the use of Glorp.

The Calendar application provides a web interface that displays a month calendar allowing you to view, add, and edit a collection of events, and a Glorp interface for persisting the events in a database.

The Calendar application requires that you first load the SiouX-Servlet package. With this package loaded, you need to create and configure a Web server. Use the "Configure Web Server" tool from the SiouX-Tools parcel, or run the following script:

SiouX.WebSiteConfiguration configureForDefault.
SiouX.WebSiteConfiguration defaultSite configParameters at: 'environment' put: 'Calendar'.

(SiouX.Server id: 'Calendar')
addResponder: SiouX.ServletResponder new;
listenOn: 9009 for: SiouX.HttpConnection;
"debugging: true;"
"logging: true;"

To open the Calendar, use this URL:


The Event Calendar application appears in the web browser, showing the current month. To enable the application to save events in a database, you must set its configuration by clicking on the "Settings" button (upper right corner of the window) and filling in all appropriate options. To set the database configuration, click on "Accept". The Event Calendar will test the specified database connection and report success or failure.

Event objects are represented using the domain class CalendarEvent. The application model CalendarApplication coordinates the database with the web UI. Its API for the web UI may be found in the 'actions' protocol. The descriptor class CalendarDescriptor contains the Glorp mapping metadata. The class CalendarServlet provides the main web UI, with the other servlet classes (its subclasses) providing support functions.