PackageDescription: GlareUI(Bundle)

Glare UI

Last published: January 11, 2009 by 'bunge'

GlareUI is a framework to build Adobe Flex applications in Smalltalk.

View and business logic are implemented and executed on the server. Client and server communicate using the efficient binary protocol AMF through a bi-directional connection. View state is modeled completely on the server. At any point the client can request the list of changes made to the user-interface or re-request the entire user interface. The server subscribes to particular client events and automatically executes the registered Smalltalk code when it is notified of the event. The event object is serialized by the client and contains all relevant information about the event. This allows one to make changes to the business model and update the view.

Copyright (c) 2008 Philipp Bunge
Licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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