PackageDescription: Gestures & Navigation

Gestures & Navigation

Last published: October 5, 2010 by 'kay_quade_'

Defines 5 Classes
Extends 25 Classes

This Package is an extension mainly to the RefactoringBrower (but now as well to the DebuggerClient and TextEditorControl)

It includes Searchlight in the find-Widget of the RefactoringBrower w i t h search-while-you-type behaviour.
It allows to raise the Searchlight tool via (and hide on .
It lets you flip through all windows of the image by scroll wheel while holding down the -key. Iconified windows are raised automatically.
It adds a history to the buffers (resp. tabs) of the RefactoringBrower, so its possible to navigate back and forward in a webbrowser like manner.
It enables mouse gesture navigation similar to mouse gestures in Firefox (-addOns) or Opera.
It adds a most-recently-searched- and a -found-history to Searchlight.
It adds drop down list to jump directly to a history entry in RefactoringBrowser

(And since I'm particularly annoyed about the size of some tools (Inspector, Debugger) their windowSpec is overridden here as well).

future wishlist:
- A better history handling in RefactoringBrowser (Which entries are added where? Which are added at all? Should entries be forgotten, if an existing previous
entry is selected and a new path is walked from there? [this is the implemented behaviour and matches Webbrowsing experience - but seems to be somehow
irritating] )
- A 'Methods with String' - search in Searchlight (automatically if the search string is quoted or something alike)
- Results of 'Explain' or conventional search for Classes, Senders, Implementors opening in new Tab of an existing RefactoringBrowser rather than in new window
- Better integration of gestures in other IDE-windows.
- Search- and found-history of Searchlight made global (there is a different History in the Refactoring-Browser embedded Seachrlight)
- Jumping to next/previous tabs via mouse-gestures or selection of a remaining tab on closing the current tab shound be based on a historical selection
rather than on tab placement.