PackageDescription: GemKit GemStone Source Code Management(Bundle)

Gem Kit Gem Stone Source Code Management

Last published: March 22, 2011 by 'plbaumann'

GemKit for Store. Also known as GemKit SCM (Source Code Management).
GemKit has grown to have several forms. This one is primarily managed by
Paul Baumann for use at ICE. It is open-source code with a very long history of use
and porting.

GbcManagement contains most the real code.
GbcReleaseTools is optional code that aids team development.
GS_AllUsers_SystemUser is a user-specific namespace declarations to provide SymbolList resolution for SystemUser (others created automatically as necessary).
GS_Globals is an empty package that you use GemKit to fill with code from your GS/S database.
GS_GemKit contains code that GemKit will put into GS/S to provide basic operations.

GemStone GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) is a prerequisite.

VW 7.5 and GBS 7.2.1patch3 were used most with this version of GemKit.
This code has been ported to VW 7.7.1 and GBS 7.3.2 but has not had thorough use in that configuration.