PackageDescription: GHMacOSXProgressFix

GH Mac OSX Progress Fix

Last published: June 11, 2008 by 'heeg'

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This package contains some overrides of class MacOSXProgressWidgetView, which prevents the survival of stale/dead processes of the named widget after they have been closed (or rather the window containing them). Currently, this can only be traced if VisualWorks is actualy running on MacOSX, using the look-and-feel on another platform did not have the same effect.

In addition, the original functionality of changing the color of the MacOSX widgets can be used again (thanks to code I borrowed from Travis).
MacOSXLookPolicy switchColorScheme
and choose a base color from the menu. Afterwards all scrollbars and buttons will be adapted to this new base color, sometimes ComboBoxes refuse to do so (at least the one in the top right corner of my RB)!

Have fun!

Author: Roland Wagener
Georg Heeg 2005
Version History:
0.1 - initial version
0.2 - added color scheme changing from old implementation, fixed MacOSXTabControlBarView to also switch colors
0.3 - 0.5 - various small fixes of the color change code, progressBars and actionButtons now do the trick as well
0.6 - enhanced comment
0.7 - fixed initialization of MacOSXTabControlBarView class>mainBlueTabPart, completed list of to be initialized classes in MacOSXLookPolicy class>installLookPreferences
0.8 - correct some small differences to 7.6 base image