PackageDescription: GHFractalExplorer

GH Fractal Explorer

Last published: June 24, 2020 by 'heeg'

Defines 27 Classes
Extends 38 Classes

Parcel GHFractalExplorer contains support for easy implementation of MandelbrotSet calculation and display.
Abstract class IterativeGraphicsPart is available to simplify things, for instance by buffering all display activities onto a private Pixmap. Class IterativeImagePart enhances this buffering behaviour by using an Image for the same purpose. Look at its subclasses for examples, and into its class protocol 'examples' for help on using them.

Some concrete subclasses have been added to show, how easy it is to use this class library.
Heeg.FractalExplorer open
to explore all available parts. The application provides a 'Help' menu with some usage instructions.
If you want to use the AcceleratedCMandelbrotPart, you have to install the C-library first. Look at the class comment in THAPIMandel.

Some hints about the theoretical background of the formulas used in this program can be found in:
'A First Course In Chaotic Dynamical Systems' by Robert L. Deveney,
Addison-Wesley 1992, ISBN 0-201-55406-2,

It should work on every VisualWorks platform.
AT MetaNumerics (for Complex number support)

Georg Heeg, 2000/2020
Author: Roland Wagener