PackageDescription: FixedPrerequisitePolicy

Fixed Prerequisite Policy

Last published: January 21, 2021 by 'chaider'

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The "Prerequisite Version Selection" pundle property does not work as described in [1].

With the setting [2], the "Prerequisite Version Selection" block can be used for automatically selecting a version of a prerequisite.
The block is evaluated with all versions starting with the latest. The first version where the block answers true is used.
When no version passes the block, the prerequisite in not loaded.

This doesn't work. instead, the user gets a dialog to select a version manually.
This makes it impossible to use the feature in an automatic build process.

This is an old bug. The feature does not work since at least VW 7.5 (04/2017).

This package contains a class to replace the default Store.Policies prerequisitePolicy which fixes the issue.
Loading this package will replace the default policy with the one defined here. Unloading reinstalls the original.

[1] Application Developer's Guide
Managing Smalltalk Source Code
Organizing Smalltalk Code
Specifying Prerequisites
Specifying a Prerequisite Version

[2] Store
When loading a prerequisite:
Load latest version...