PackageDescription: Fishio


Last published: August 1, 2006 by 'gtg021g'

Defines 10 Classes
Extends 10 Classes

Welcome to FishualWorks! This action based game is a fast paced thriller that unfolds in the deep, dark depths of the ocean. You take control of our hero the Main Fish as he eats his way through an army of Generic Fish to gain control of the ocean bottom. Stay out of Crab territory and beware the Shark and Jellyfish too!

Georgia Tech CS 4911, Dr. Bob Waters, Summer 2006

Development Lead: Andrew Calvin
Project Manager: Ram Lau
Programming Lead: Glen Watson Martin
Testing Technical Lead: Matthew Ward

"Fish eat fish" - eat the fish smaller than you to gain points and grow in size to eat larger fish
- Avoid the larger fish and shark as they will quickly turn you into a snack as well
- Avoid the crab as he attempts to snap our hero in two
- Avoid the Jellyfish stun as this can leave you open to a quick attack