PackageDescription: FS Protocol

FS Protocol

Last published: October 3, 2002 by 'aknight'

Defines 15 Classes
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FS Protocol
Copyright (c) Steve Waring 2002.
Licensed under OpenBSD license:

This package is a FastCGI application implmentation. The specification can be found at


The "FS Dolphin" package contains Dolphin specific classes and should be installed.

Please see the "Steve Waring\FS FastCGI\documentation\installation.html" file or

Demo Sample

With the "FS Dolphin" package installed, and Apache and mod_fastcgi configured, evaluate:

FSDolphinDemoHandler startUp

Creating a FastCGI Application

To create your own FastCGI application, you need to create a FSRequestHandler subclass. The FSDemoHandler is an example of a request handler that uses a variety of techniques to return a response to the server.

Another example can be found in the "FS Swazoo" package, It contains a RequestHandler class that converts the FastCGI parameters into a Swazoo HTTPMessage and uses SwazooResources to create the response.


See FSSocketServer class comment.


-Certain methods and classes based on FasTalk by Tomas Vanak.
--Thanks to Tomas Vanak and Peter William Lount for FasTalk.
-FSSocketServer and certain FSConnection methods based on Swazoo.
--Thanks to Camp Smalltalk