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F - Spot

Last published: November 21, 2009 by 'mkobetic'

Defines 8 Classes
Extends 5 Classes

F-Spot is the default photo manager for GNOME. This package provides basic database access layer to the backend database of F-Spot (which is a sqlite3 database). It looks for it in the default location, but can be redirected elsewhere by modifying the Database shared variable. You get a button on the launcher toolbar that will open a Glorp workbook with pre-initialized session and a few sample expressions to start with. The rest is up to you. One of examples is how I fixed up my own database when I moved pictures from one place to another.

* I find F-Spot imports unbearably slow (even with check dupes turned off). I don't know what it's doing but simple import into the DB should be a lot faster and pretty easy to do as far as I can see.

* Doesn't handle Photo_Versions, not sure how to model that yet
* Doesn't handle Exports either, should be easy to add