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Extra Icons

Last published: May 9, 2008 by 'stevek'

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This package modifies the pundle modified icons. A modified package is an 'opened' package. A modified bundle shows the pieces disconnected. It shows these icons (the modified ones) now _only_ when it is determined that changes have been made to the package which you will lose if you don't publish somewhere (caveat emptor: this is actually tricky to determine, so it might not be exactly right yet). To indicate the published state of the pundle to the current database, it fades those who are not present in the current database.

For this to be meaningful against all of the pseudo packages generated at Store install time, it is necessary for those newly created packages to have empty change sets (rather than change sets which indicate the generation of the package). To affect this you want to execute the following line:

PundleModel allGeneralInstances do: [:each | each databaseInformationsDo: [:dbinfo | dbinfo changeSet: nil]].

immediately after you load Store.

This package also adds a browser icon for TestCase (a microscope glyph).

It now shows the status of each test method with one four icons: passed, failed, errored, not run