PackageDescription: ExternalWebBrowser-ToolOverrides

External Web Browser - Tool Overrides

Last published: August 22, 2007 by 'bobw'

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Extends 3 Classes

The package, ExternalWebBrowser-Text, one can set the empahsis of text to be hyperlink enabled. When the text is clicked on it will open a web browser (this behavior is provided by ExternalWebBrowser).

This package overrides a few key methods in the system so that you see this behavior in the tools. It currently overrides:

For all browser code tools. Another way to get this feature is to load the 4xx stream of the Browser.
For the published items tool.
For workspaces.

There are probably a few more places that might be worthwhile overriding, but these seem to give me the biggest bang for the buck.

Obviously, there is always the chance that these overrides will conflict with existing methods or other overrides so they should be reviewed from time to time. This package has not been tested in any version of VW earlier than 7.5.

Bob Westergaard