PackageDescription: Epigent Source Code Search

Epigent Source Code Search

Last published: January 23, 2013 by 'runar'

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Provides UI to search through all methods for a search string. Allows specifying case sensitivity/insensitivity and limit search on a specific pundle. Runs faster than the integrated RegEx tools.

To open, evaluate:
Epigent.SourceCodeSearchApplication open

The tool can also be started by selecting "Source Code Search" from the Tools menu.

Allows for specifying package and bundles which search can be limited to. Follow the example below:
| application |
application := Epigent.SourceCodeSearchApplication new.
application addAndSelectLimitPundle: (Store.Registry bundleNamed: 'A package').
application addLimitPundle: (Store.Registry bundleNamed: 'Another package').
application open