PackageDescription: Epigent DTangler Dependency Analysis

Epigent D Tangler Dependency Analysis

Last published: March 14, 2012 by 'klnsrgn'

Defines 3 Classes
Extends 5 Classes

Interface to DTangler, a tool to analyze dependencies using a Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM).

Adds option “DTangler Analyze Dependencies” to the System Browser's bundle and package popup menus.

DTangler can be obtained from this location:

Tested with VisualWorks 7.8.1 32 bit running on Windows.

To fully understand how the DSM is created, please read the following page:

You should also read section 5.5.4 “Generating DSMs” of the linked PDF document. If you are used to other products making DSM, please note that when DTangler displays a non-circular graph it could have entries above the diagonal:

“(...) a DSM may contain entries above the diagonal even when there are no cycles between the analysed items. With dtangler, this is rather an indication that the items are not properly layered.”

Example of use:
Epigent.DTanglerDependencyAnalysis.ExecutableInterface dTanglerFolderName: 'I:\DTangler\'.
(Epigent.DTanglerDependencyAnalysis.Input newForAllPackagesInBundle: (Store.Registry bundleNamed: 'Tools-IDE')) openDTangler