PackageDescription: Defactoring Tool

Defactoring Tool

Last published: November 1, 2005 by 'craft'

Defines 5 Classes
Extends 10 Classes

Developed under VW 7.3.1.

The defactoring tool is a separate code tool, i.e. it has its own tab. It reuses the Refactoring Browser's method inliner so it acts much like the method inliner. The primary difference being that after a message send is inlined the resulting source is not recompiled. This means the user can defactor(inline) methods to improve readability without being concerned with actually changing the source code.

Furthermore, the tool is a readonly tool, it cannot change the method source. I removed the "accept" and "cancel" menu commands from the text menu, as well as the refactoring menu commands. This was done to prevent a user from accidently altering the source code.

There is also a settings, found in the VW settings tool under the Browser settings, which determines if the inlined message send is placed into a comment. The default is to not place the message send in a comment.

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