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PackageDescription: ColbertSystem(Bundle)

Colbert OOSD Project: The Colbert Object-Oriented Software Development (OOSD) Methodology, developed by Absolute Software Inc, includes a collection of notations supporting object-oriented analysis (OOA):

Object-Class Diagrams - used to describe the nature, structure and operations of each class, and the relationships that exist between classes and between objects and classes;
Object-Oriented Statecharts - an object-oriented version of Harel Statecharts used to describe the dynamic behavior of an object or a class;
Object-Interaction Diagrams - used to represent the nature and structure of objects and their interactions.

Those familiar with common COTS methodologies, such as OMT, Booch or UML, should be immediately comfortable with these notations. For further information on the Colbert Methodology or related engineering techniques contact:

Absolute Software Inc.
4593 Orchid Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90043-3320
(213) 293-0783

DOME editors have been developed to support each of the Colbert OOSD notations listed above. The DOME editors support the development of an integrated system model by maintaining constraints and dependencies between the three different system views used in the OOSD method.

PackageDescription: PetriNetSystem

Petri Net Model: A classical condition-event Petri Net that can be marked and executed.

PackageDescription: STDSystem

State-Transition Diagram: Classical state-transition diagram (hierarchical).

PackageDescription: DFDSystem

Data Flow Diagram (DFD): The data flow diagram supports the graphic representation of a system's information flow.

Transformations are applied to the information flow, via process nodes, as the data moves from input to output. External data source, data sink, and data store nodes are used as the input and outputs while data flow arcs are used to represent information flow.

PackageDescription: IDEF0System

IDEF-0 Diagram:

During the 1970s, the U.S. Air Force Program for Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing (ICAM) identified the need for better analysis and communication techniques for people involved in improving manufacturing productivity.

As a result, the ICAM program developed a series of techniques known as the IDEF (ICAM Definition) techniques which included IDEF0, used to produce a "function model".

A function model is a structured representation of the functions, activities or processes within the modeled system or subject area.

PackageDescription: MultiPageSystem

Multi-Page Model: This is a generic top-level model that you can use for linking more specialized models together.

A multi-page model consists of a set of "anchors".
Each anchor can hold a different type of model as its subdiagram.

PackageDescription: PaperOutlineSystem

Document Outline: A simple "concept mapping" notation for use during the early stages of writing.

Topics are represented by circles, and connected to subtopics.
Content for each topic resides in the description property.
You can generate a "Starter Document" with DOME's document generator.

PackageDescription: GG-DOME-Extensions

This package contains various extensions of the DoME classes.

PackageDescription: Graphviz

This package implementes an interface to the Graphviz library.