PackageDescription: CouchDB(Bundle)

Couch DB

Last published: August 25, 2010 by 'chaetal'

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PackageDescription: CouchDB

A simple interface to Couch DB. To create, delete, and query databases, try:
CouchDB.Interface default databases.
CouchDB.Interface default create: 'mydb'.
CouchDB.Interface default delete: 'mydb'.
CouchDB.Interface default database: 'mydb'

Further, you can then manipulate documents in a database, try:
myDatabase := CouchDB.Interface default database: 'mydb'.
myDocument := myDatabase create:
(Dictionary new
at: 'Packages' put: (Store.Registry allPackages collect: [:each | each name]);
myDatabase documents.
documentCopy := myDatabase document: myDocument address tail.
documentCopy object.
myDocument delete.
myDocument revisions.
documentCopy refresh.

To get more information, see:

PackageDescription: CouchDB-Tests

Unit tests for CouchDBs API