PackageDescription: ConstraintsDemos

Constraints Demos

Last published: November 2, 2006 by 'tgriggs'

Defines 12 Classes
Extends 12 Classes

This is the initial port of the Cassowary Incremental Constraint Solver demos apps. It was a quick and dirty port from the OTI Smalltalk Implementation to a VisualWorks one based on the evolving Pollock/Panda framework.

Here are some statements to execute to open up the graphical demos:

BinaryTreeDemo openDemo.
BoxesDemo openDemo.
ElasticQuadDemo openDemo.
BoundedQuadDemo openDemo.
QuadDemo openDemo.
BoundedLineDemo openDemo.
LineDemo openDemo.

The download package is licensed LGPL but notes that the Smalltalk Implementation is Public Domain.